EDsession Program & Schedule

Fostering Higher Levels of Equity & SEL with Personalized Active Learning Spaces

  • Date:Thursday, November 4
  • Time:9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Description: This presentation will explore the unique ‘personalized active learning environments’ of the school, along with teaching methodologies and school culture that promote student social/emotional well-being and inclusion. Walnut Grove Elementary recognizes that elementary students all learn very differently, and in order to effectively engage and connect with the broad spectrum of students in the community a paradigm shift was required with school culture, instructional delivery, and inevitably the learning space itself. Walnut Grove Elementary engages students through a variety of flexible, innovative learning environments and student-centric instruction which emphasize learner choice and ownership.
  • Location:Classroom 411
  • Session Type:EDsession
  • Session Code:ES21RB5
  • Learning Objective 1:Learn what it means to ‘Personalize’ an Active Learning Environment and how instruction promote appropriate SEL well-being and positive behavioral traits.
  • Learning Objective 2:Discover how ‘PAL’ Environments create equity and engagement across all learners, as well as better equip staff, with this goal.
  • Learning Objective 3:Recognize how can ‘PAL’ Environments positively impact school community and culture, and how does this factor into student success and well-being?
  • Learning Objective 4:Overcome the fixed mindset in implementing student-centric instruction and innovative learning environments at any school district.
  • Credit:AIA LU, IDCEC
Brian Proctor
Walnut Grove Elementary
Mark Beebe