EDsession Program & Schedule

Radical Change: Positive Impacts of COVID-19 on School Planning and Design

  • Date:Thursday, November 4
  • Time:9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Description: The pandemic served as a catalyst for unprecedented shifts in education and made it necessary for schools to invent entirely new systems of learning, modifying everything from classroom layouts to circulation patterns and daily schedules. How can we re-energize long-term school design as a result of all this experimentation? Several NYC schools have used the disruption as a springboard to enhance student engagement and learning, through pedagogical changes and flexible spaces. By sharing insights gained from post-occupancy interviews and using case studies to facilitate discussion, this highly interactive session will focus on positive school design lessons learned from the pandemic.
  • Location:Classroom 414
  • Session Type:EDsession
  • Session Code:ES21RB4
  • Learning Objective 1:Understand how the pandemic can be used as a catalyst for positive change.
  • Learning Objective 2:Examine the impacts of the pandemic on several aspects of school design and planning.
  • Learning Objective 3:Discuss how flexible space planning and pedagogical agility can enhance student engagement and learning.
  • Learning Objective 4:Learn about student feedback and suggestions for improving school facilities.
  • Credit:AIA LU, IDCEC
Serena Losonczy
PBDW Architects