EDsession Program & Schedule

Designing an Outdoor Classroom

  • Date:Wednesday, November 3
  • Time:11:00 AM - 11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Description: Unlike traditional classrooms, outdoor classrooms offer the potential for students to engage with the physical world in an intimate and tangible way. This relationship results in a duality of impressions, created by both the user leaving an impact on the environment and the surroundings shaping the user. Upon entering the outdoor classroom, users travel through a myriad of moments – some reflective, some playful, some collaborative, others individual. This journey invokes a sense of growth that is explored through diverse, age-related experiences such as play elements, sensory zones, and interactive learning stations – all based on the natural environment. Milestones placed throughout the path offer users a moment of respite from these activities to pause, recharge, and reorient along their personal journey.
  • Location:Booth #441
  • Session Type:Mini-session
  • Session Code:ES21MSWE
Tracy Hucul
Quinn Evans
Margaret Lafferty
BKV Group
Chelsea Flickinger
Integrus Architecture
Jess Dancer
GWWO Architects