EDsession Program & Schedule

What is Your Design Perspective? Why Connecting the Dots Matters!

  • Date:Wednesday, November 3
  • Time:11:30 AM - 11:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Description: Designing schools is about connecting the dots with mindsets, leadership, well-being of students and staff, and learner engaged spaces. It is through these connections that we create forward future spaces that mold and evolve with the ever-changing world. What is your design lens? Do you focus on current trends or make it super pretty when designing space for learners? Equity in agile spaces create learner empowerment, trust, and most importantly heightened creativity. When we focus on fixed solutions, we want conformity.
  • Location:Booth #431
  • Session Type:Mini-session
  • Session Code:ES21MSWA
Brian Proctor
Walnut Grove Elementary