EDsession Program & Schedule

Jason Benfante



With over 20 years of experience as an Architect, Project Manager, and Principal at CPL, Jason has continued to harness his personalized approach to each client and each coworker. With a personality for business development, relationship building, and implementing cutting-edge K-12 design, Jason is at the forefront of the CPL K12 team. Jason is passionate about the creation of high-performance learning environments for CPL’s K-12 clients, and brings it to life when working with NYSED building aid projects, life and safety code requirements, school security initiatives, and asset preservation. Jason’s keen to the future of both his discipline and his community: together with other Rochester team members, he is appealing to local high school students by hosting career days, teaching students the ins-and-outs of the A/E/C field. This gives him the opportunity to serve his K-12 clients in more ways than one.

This speaker's sessions: